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The Chief Security Officers (CSO) will oversee and coordinate security efforts across the company, including information technology, human resources, communications, legal, facilities management and other groups, and will identify security initiatives and standards. The candidate's direct reports will include the chief information security officer and the director of corporate security and safety.


Improve physical security on corporate LANs and WANs across multiple locations

Identify goals and objectives for corporate security

Work with teams to assign and delegate authority across all security departments

Create budgets and prioritize concerns for each years IT and security changes

Understand local and federal laws concerning IT security and work with teams to ensure that the business follows these policies

Bring experience to the organization and help train personnel on best security practices

Know specific security guidelines such as HIPAA, SOX, and PCI

Build relationships between all other executives, directors, and managers

Hold meetings and seminars that provide information to employees and other businesses in the field

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