Training & Meeting Facilitation

Change Management


Red Door Consulting provides innovative training solutions to help clients navigate complex change initiatives based on the ProSci ADKAR® methodology. We leverage a research-based approach and full set of tools for applying change management at the initiative level.

While change happens at the individual level, it is often impossible for a project team to manage change on a person-by-person basis. Organizational Change Management (OCM) provides us with the steps and actions to take at the project level to support the hundreds or thousands of individuals who are impacted by a project.

Organizational change management involves first identifying the groups and people who will need to change as a result of the project, and in what ways they will need to change. Organizational change management then involves creating a customized plan for ensuring impacted employees receive the awareness, leadership, coaching, and training they need in order to change successfully. Driving successful individual transitions should be the central focus of the activities in organizational change management.