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It currently takes more than nine months (279 days) on average for an organization to discover and contain a security breach. 1

Over the last five years, the frequency and power of DDoS attacks have increased, making them a more potent risk for organizations. 2

Ransomware remains the most prominent malware threat. In 2019, downtime costs rose by 200%, and the cost of downtime was 23x greater than the average ransom requested year over year. 3

31% of organizations have experienced cyber-attacks in their operations, and the best mitigation strategies come from a collaboration between the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Chief  Security Officer (CSO). 4

44% of senior executives surveyed felt their IT staff needed better soft skills. IT professionals with a combination of technical and soft skills are poised to leap ahead at work, as they are in a better position to lead. 5

67% of hiring managers have withheld a job offer because the IT candidate lacked soft skills.

U.S. employers pay over $600 billion annually due to turnover, while 77% who quit said they could have been retained by employers if professional development training was offered. 6

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